treatment of cancer-compliance in patients undergoing therapy or treatment process is determining the healing ... ..

Many of the impact caused cancer disease. The first impact of course because the number of deaths it causes is very high. Both costs incurred for the treatment process is also not small. As where we know that the drugs needed for treatment and surgery performed on patients healing process certainly is not small. With regard to the drugs we know that more than 90 of the Indonesian medicinal raw materials to be imported from other countries, and this of course I make drug prices become very expensive. Cancer treatment process itself takes a long time. Usually consists of several cycles that must be passed by the patient. Here again the problem will arise about patient compliance in following the therapy process.

The success of the healing process is supported by how fast the disease is detected and the extent of patient compliance in undergoing the process of therapy or treatment. The faster the cancer is detected (early stage), the higher the level of success to achieve healing. This success is also directly proportional to the level of patient adherence to follow the process of therapy. The process of cancer development is divided into four stages / phases. Phase I is the phase where the cancer is still localized to one part of the body, such as the one titi in breast, lung, and others. In phase II cancer has begun to develop in parts of the body becomes more widespread. Phase III development, even worse. Phase II and III of its development process is still in one organ of the body. Phase IV is the most dreaded phase in which the cancer has spread, or in terms of experiencing health-organ metastasis to other body organs. In this last phase of the healing process becomes very difficult. Usually treatment efforts aimed at reducing the level of pain alone or improve the quality of life of patients. Many patients who come to the hospital has entered the final stages of this disease.

Factor of patient compliance in undergoing the treatment process is also very decisive recovery. Disin Compliance includes adherence to follow the treatment schedule is usually already determined in accordance with the selected treatment protocol. This treatment protocol usually consists of several cycles such as five cycles. The distance between one cycle to the next cycle also depends on the protocol selected. There is a distance of 1 month and so forth. Compliance in following the process that should be considered by the patient or patient's family. This treatment cycle should be followed through to completion should not cut off. Cancer cells are cells very quickly to the development far exceeds the body's cells are normal. If the process does not complete treatment, the cells can grow again into more. Disobedience against this treatment cycle could have been caused by the cost factor. Because the cost of cancer treatment is not small, so that the community develops a memplesetkan slogan cancer with dry bag. That is indeed a disease that makes wealth we have depleted to treatment.

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cervical cancer patients who died in the world as much as 600 people per day.

.cervical cancer death rate, cervical cancer
Teenage women have a risk of cervical cancer due to transmission of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Three out of four cases of new HPV infections occur in women aged 15 to 25 years.

The number of patients who died of cervical cancer in the world as many as 600 people per day. In Indonesia, 20 women die every day due to this cancer. Meanwhile, worldwide an estimated 630 million women suffer from cervical cancer.

At age 20's, women's bodies are very susceptible to HPV and the body is not possible to clean the virus. "So cancer may develop later in life," said Dr. Melissa Luwia of Indonesia in the discussion Cancer Foundation campaign and efforts to address cervical cancer in Lumire Hotel Jakarta, Monday, April 12, 2010.

The study reveals, HPV infections occur in the first two-three years after sexually active. The findings of the cases, about 50 percent of women who suffer from cervical cancer aged 35-55 years.

However, due to an infection that occurs when a young age. Transmission of HPV not only through sexual intercourse, but all activities that allow for sex contacts.

Cervical cancer is caused by high risk HPV in the cervix that connects the genitals and womb. If not immediately detected at an early stage, will develop into precancerous cells and cancer. Meanwhile, low-risk HPV types typically cause genital warts (genital warts) which grows in the genital area.

For parents with young teenage girls, better pay attention to prevention of cervical cancer early. Doctor Melissa says its prevention, among others, perform routine checks to determine the health of genitals and vaccine delivery.

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Breast Cancer and Vitamin D

A recent study by U.S. scientists has shown that almost 70% of women living with breast cancer who participated in the study show a deficiency of vitamin D in the body.

Although according to the U.S. Institute of Medicine of the optimal amount of vitamin D in the body should be about 32 nanograms per milliliter of vitamin D, results have shown much smaller amounts of about 27 nanograms per milliliter.

These results are not surprising, as other previous studies have shown that most people have studied various nutrient deficiencies in the body, but cautions that women suffering from breast cancer are more exposed, as if their vitamin D deficiency has a high greater danger. Vitamin D deficiency, aggravated due to chemotherapy and other treatments followed may have adverse effects on sick: increased fatigue, muscle pain, bone less strong (increased risk of fractures), heart rhythm disturbances, low body immunity, sleep irregularities, sudden changes of mood, depression.

Vitamin D has an important role for calcium and phosphorus metabolism in the body, produces vitamin D deficiency and deficiencies of calcium and phosphorus, the drawbacks caused by them.

Consequently, it is necessary to administer additional vitamin D women suffering from breast cancer and follow strict level of this vitamin in their body.

Vitamin D can be obtained either by sunlight (beware duration of exposure) and in various foods: fish oil, fish, eggs (yolk), milk, cereals.

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