Smoking and colorectal cancer

A relatively recent study shows that people who smoke are exposed, besides other dangers, to colorectal cancer risk drop. This was not shown until now, it was believed that smoking even though it is a risk factor for many other diseases, there is not a risk factor for colorectal cancer.

The study was done over a period of 13 years and included over 200 thousand participants, smokers or former smokers.

During the study period - 13 years - 27% of participants were smokers sick of colorectal cancer, the former smokers had contracted the same disease about 23%.

It also found two things: most people who have smoked at least 25 years is ill with colorectal cancer, smokers who quit smoking before the age of 40 years are not at risk of colorectal cancer. The conclusion is self: stop smoking as soon as possible!

Dr. Michael Thun, a researcher at the American Cancer Society study results concluded: "Although the link between smoking and colorectal cancer is less obvious, though it exists for sure".

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