Skin cancer - increased frequency

Skin cancer is a disease with a frequency of occurrence of increasingly large. This happens because people are at greater risk.
So what causes skin cancer? This article will answer that question and detail, which is at greatest risk.

Probably the most common cause is prolonged exposure to sunlight. Remember when people used to boast of bronze from the sea? You must know that in recent years the sun has changed the type of radiation it emits, and ozone thinning. Such as solar radiation became dangerous. It is necessary to protect people with a shirt, sun hat, glasses, creams and other solar radiation.

It is proven that prolonged exposure to sunlight increases the risk of skin cancer.
Pain arising from heatstroke is warning that the body gives us that we do something wrong.

People who "burn" very soon have a shortage of melanin in the body. Melanin is a substance found in skin, hair and eyes and is responsible for producing pigments. People with less melanin will be whiter skin, blond hair and iris of a lighter. The most pronounced deficit of melanin is known as albinism. Albinos have very little color in the tissues (or no).

How the melanin protects the skin is darkening it often comes into contact with sunlight. This is known as a suntan and body is how to prevent sunburn and therefore skin cancer. However, it is a very fine line between sun-tanned skin and damaged skin.

Using equipment that result in exposure to UV radiation is another way to increase the risk of skin cancer. Lounge chair is a prime example. Rest on the chair is beneficial to the body, but that's too much damage, if it is excessive can easily reach a peiele disease.

In summary, you should protect against ultra-violet radiation. The sun is not as it was 20 years ago.

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