Lung cancer - II - Causes


Incidence of lung cancer is correlated with smoking, about 90% of cases with smoking as the main cause. The risk increases with increasing the number of cigarettes smoked (doctors talk about this risk in terms of packs of cigarettes smoked per year, for example a person who smokes 1 pack per day for 10 years is known to have a history of 10 packs - years of smoking).

Pipe or cigar smoking is not healthy but have a slightly lower risk.
Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, many of which are certainly, scientific proved carcinogens. The risk of lung cancer decreases each year elapsed since quitting smoking. The risk comes close to the people who do not smoke at about 15 years of quitting smoking. This period is necessary for the body to replace damaged cells with healthy others. Are you a smoker? Quit today!

Passive smoking

Passive smoking is the inhalation of cigarette smoke by people who, although not smoke, live or work with people who smoke. The risk of these personae of the disease is 24% higher risk than those who do not smoke.

Asbestos fibers

Asbestos fibers are silicate fibers that were used in the past to insulate and protect the premises or to cover the various buildings. Presently the use of these fibers is prohibited or permitted only under special conditions. Asbestos fibers penetrated into the lungs may persist there for years, eventually generating disease. Cancer risk increases pulmonary extreme than if smokers working in environments contaminated by asbestos fibers.


Radon is an inert gas that occurs as a secondary product in the reaction of obtaining uranium. About 12% of lung cancer cases are due to radon. Although it is a colorless gas and have no smell there is technology for detection and annihilation of radon.


Although most cases of lung cancer are directly related to smoking, there are cases of nonsmokers who develop the disease; this seems to suggest that the disease may be triggered genetically. Recent research seems to indicate that the gene responsible for lung cancer in nonsmokers is located on human chromosome no. 6.


Pollution generated by cars, factories, chemical plants increases the risk of lung cancer among those exposed. About 1% of deaths are due to pollution. Experts believe that breathing polluted air present the same risk of passive smoking.

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