Different types of lung cancer

Types of lung cancer, also known as the bronchogenice carcinomas are generally classified into two categories: small cell lung cancer (CPCM) and cancer non-small cell lung (NSCLC). This classification is based on microscopic appearance of tumor cells themselves. These two types of cancers grow and spread in different ways and have different treatment options. Getting the type of pulmonary cancer is of particular importance.

Approximately 20% of lung cancer cases are detected CPCM; this form is very aggressive and has a very high growth rate. CPCM is closely related to smoking, only 1% of cases these tumors occurring in nonsmokers. CPCM rapidly develop metastases in other organs of the body. CPCM is found most often after already spread in the body.

NSCLC is the most common form of lung cancer, representing approximately 80% of all lung cancer cases. For his type of NSCLC cancer can be divided into three main types, depending on the type of cells comprising the tumor formation. There are the following types:

-Adenocarcinomas: is the most common type of NSCLC - up to 50% of cases. This type of cancer occurs in both smokers and people who have this defect. Most adenocarcinomas occur in peripheral areas outside the lungs. Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma is a subtype of adenocarcinoma that frequently develops in several areas of the lungs and spreads along the alveolar walls.

Squamous-cell carcinomas were more frequent than adenocarcinomas previously, currently, they account for approximately 30% of NSCLC. May be known as epidermoid carcinoma, this type of cancer (squamous cell) occurs most frequently in the bronchi.

Large-cell carcinomas, sometimes referred to as undifferentiated carcinomas, are the common type of NSCLC.

-Mixtures of different types of NSCLC are also seen.

Other cancers can occur in the lungs, these types are much less common than NSCLC and CPCM and together contain only 5% -10% of cases of lung cancer:

There are bronchial carcinoid, (maximum 5% of cases). These tumors are generally small (3-4 cm or less) and occur most frequently in people under 40 years. Not related to smoking. Carcinoidele generally grow and spread more slowly than other types of tumors. If they are detected in time can be solved by surgery.
Various other types of cancer can be used as vehicle flow of blood or lymphatic system to develop metastases in the lungs. Metastatic tumors are often multiple, scattered throughout the lung. They generally focus to the periphery and are now less in the center.

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